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Lisa H.

5.  I moved to AZ in 1976 at age 5 (I'm a 1971 baby too!) and sometime shortly thereafter KDKB introduced me to the likes of KISS, Foreigner, AC/DC, (as opposed to Linda Ronstadt)and all of the other good stuff!

4.  Ruby was my lucky charm to win Nickelback tickets AND meet & greet with the band!

3.  Ruby, once again, was my lucky charm to win the Cult tickets AND meet & greet with the band!  (Plus Ruby is just one of the coolest, nicest, toughest, funniest women I've ever had the pleasure to meet!  And it is a short list!)

2.  Looking forward to another 40 years of great music and by far the best On-Air Staff of any radio station EVER, ANYWHERE!

1.  The Tim & Mark Show!!  I can't believe it isn't even 7 years they have been gone, as it feels like a lifetime!  Sludge is great and I mean no disrespect to him but my morning commute has never been the same since Tim & Mark left.  They started their show my senior year of high school and they were the only good thing about the  "morning" (and to say I'm NOT a morning person is an understatement!).  Their show is the only thing that kept me from being homicidal in my brutal morning commute!  Every time I thought they couldn't possibly come up with another Gila Bend joke, the would outdo themselves again! And oh how I missed "Rump Ranger"!  My life has never been the same without the saga of "Rump Ranger"!

Thanks you for all of the great memories, music, laughs and more!!

Lisa H.

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