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Dick Havoc

My name is Dick Havoc and my sign is Taurus, but I drive a Pinto. Iím the new guy at KDKB and will have to update this bio eventually. I think I can get away with calling myself the new guy till 2015.


Hereís a little about me. Even though some think I am an extra-terrestrial, I was conceived and birthed naturally; but honestly I donít remember that far back. I do remember living in a house watching Star Trek (the original TV Series) and having a pet golden retriever named Dog. During school days I was ElíNerdio Number Uno. I had great proclivity towards anything technological. I built computers and robots and loved science. It all changed when I read Edgar Allen Poeís ďThe Cask of Amontillado.Ē Thatís when I realized I wanted to become a mason.


I lived with my mom in numerous states (14 total) until I was 11 and committed a few petty crimes (ironically none involved bricks). She had enough of me and my nonsense so she sent me to live with my father in California. After finishing my community service and getting an awesome tan my dad and step-mom decided to move to New Jersey. This was the first time I really learned bad grammar and that sometimes thereís a pot of toxic waste at the end of the rainbow. I canít go into details but I can share with you that secret witness protection program does exists and the show Jersey Shore is not an act. 


My radio career started over a game of darts.  One of the Deejays didnít show up to the tournament at a bar I was drinking at so the Program Director (PD) asked if I could step in. I never played darts but after a few drinks and jokes that PD offered me a job at his country radio station. Iíd like to think it was my personality that got me that first job, but between you and me I think it was the fact that one of my aimless darts hit the stationís General Manager (GM) in the ass. The PD thought this was extremely funny. Needless to say the GM of that station still hates me.


Since then Iíve worked at various country, adult contemporary, and rock stations in multiple cities and states. My travels have brought me from South Jersey to Spokane, to Southern California, and now Phoenix! I love KDKB because I get to be myself! You have the best station to listen to here in Arizona.


I really do like Arizona. It seems like there are many transplants like me here and for the most part they love it also. Canít beat 360 days of sunshine! Plus the cities are well laid out in metropolitan Phoenix. There are so many great venues for shows, events, and don't forget tons of baseball. There's even a NFL Team, the AZ Cardinals! (Didn't have that in Los Angeles)


Everyone has been kind and friendly, except for the jack-ass(es) that went through my condo complex and threw rocks at the windshields of me and my neighborís cars. Other than that itís been cool here. I know wait till ďTHE HEATĒ comes. My opinion of the friendly people will remain, but I may reconsider liking the area if my shoes stick to the pavement.


Your feedback is welcomeÖsometimes.  Really, I love hearing from you and hope you will be part of the show. Call in @ 602-260-9393, email me,, and in the Twitterverse @dickhavoc. You can simply LIKE me.


Please send money, comments, gifts, food, show ideas and topics to any of the previously mentioned ways of contacting me. I love to hear stories about your life, stories about the psychotic family, those devious neighbors, and annoying co-workers.


(Management just informed me according to FCC law you canít directly send me money due to something called payola and plugola. So I encourage you to take that money and give it to a local charity. I like the ones that help the kids such as Big Brotherís and Big Sisters of America. Whatever you support please help out your favorite by volunteering.)



Yes, I was picked on as a child because of my name. Please donít call me Richard because thatís my uncleís name.

Yes, Iím still kind of a geek. Please donít hate me because your girlfriend finds me attractive.

Yes, I may use your voice, story, thoughts, or ideas on the air. Please donít be shy.

Yes, please interact with me. Radio is a boring medium without you. Please be involved.

Yes, I love you. Please donít take it the wrong way.

Yes, you are absolutely correct that ďpleaseĒ and ďyesĒ are used too much in the FAQ section.

Yes, thank you please.

Please tell your friends about me and 93.3 KDKB. Yes, they will love your for it.

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